W.L. Pohl:
Economic Geology, Principles and Practice: Metals, Minerals, Coal und Hydrocarbons — an Introduction to Formation and Sustainable Exploitation of Mineral Deposits

(published April 2011)

Chapter 4: Salt Deposits (Evaporites)


4.1 Salt Minerals and Salt Rocks

4.2 The Formation of Salt Deposits

4.2.1 Salt Formation Today

Climatic Parameters

The Physical Environment

4.2.2 Salt Formation in the Geological Past

Seawater in the Geological Past

Periods of Evaporite Formation

Environments of Evaporite Formation in the Geological Past

The Zechstein (Late Permian) Salt Formation in Northern Europe

Permian Salt in the Eastern Alps (Austria)

4.3 Post-Depositional Fate of Salt Rocks

4.3.1 Diagenesis and Metamorphism of Evaporites

4.3.2 Deformation of Salt Rocks

4.3.3 Forms and Structures of Salt Deposits

4.3.4 Supergene Alteration of Salt Deposits

4.4 From Exploration to Salt Mining

Exploration and Development of Salt Deposits

Geological Practice of Salt Mining

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