W.L. Pohl:
Economic Geology, Principles and Practice: Metals, Minerals, Coal and Hydrocarbons — an Introduction to Formation and Sustainable Exploitation of Mineral Deposits

(published April 2011)

Chapter 5: Geological Concepts and Methods in the Mining Cycle: Exploration, Exploitation and Closure of Mines


5.1 Economic Considerations

5.2 The Search for Mineral Deposits (Exploration)

5.2.1 Pre-Exploration Stage

5.2.2 Geological Exploration

5.2.3 Geological Remote Sensing

5.2.4 Geochemical Exploration

5.2.5 Geophysical Exploration

5.2.6 Trenching and Drilling

5.3 Development and Valuation of Mineral Deposits

5.3.1 Geological Mapping and Sampling

5.3.2 Ore Reserve Estimation and Determination of Grade

5.3.3 Valuation of Mineral Deposits

5.4 Mining and the Environment

5.5 Deep Geological Disposal of Dangerous Waste

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