W.L. Pohl:
Economic Geology, Principles and Practice: Metals, Minerals, Coal und Hydrocarbons — an Introduction to Formation and Sustainable Exploitation of Mineral Deposits

(published April 2011)

Chapter 6: Coal


6.1 The Substance of Coal

Coal Types

Petrography of Coal

The Chemical Composition of Coal

6.2 Peat Formation and Coal Deposits

Types and Dimensions of Coal Seams

Concordant and Discordant Clastic Sediments in Coal Seams

Peat Formation Environments

Host Rocks of Coal

Marker Beds in Coal Formations

Coal Formation in Geological Space and Time

6.3 The Coalification Process

Biochemical Peatification

Geochemical Coalification

Measuring the Degree of Coalification

Causes of Coalification

Coal Maturity and Diagenesis of Country Rocks

6.4 Post-Depositional Changes of Coal Seams

Tectonic Deformation

Epigenetic Mineralisation of Coal Seams

Exogenic Alteration of Coal

6.5 Applications of Coal Geology


Reserve Estimation

Coal Mining Geology

Environmental Aspects of Coal Mining

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